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Mrs. Jones Investigations, LLC is a licensed Private Investigation Company based in Darlington, South Carolina providing assistance with Family Court, Criminal Court and Civil Court. We provide confidential and quality investigation services for personal affairs, business needs, and legal purposes. The CEO worked in law enforcement for 20 years and has a background in victim advocacy. She worked with thousands of crime victims during her twelve-year role as a law enforcement victim’s advocate.

In November 2005, she graduated from the SC Criminal Justice Academy and became a Class I Officer continuing her role as a Victims Advocate. She was later promoted as a Field Training Officer and transferred to the patrol division. She quickly advanced and was reassigned to the Criminal Investigations Division as a criminal investigator. During her time in the Criminal Investigations Division, she investigated all types of crime and has an excellent understanding on how to gather the evidence needed to prove a case. She was promoted to Corporal while working in criminal investigations. When she left law enforcement, she was as an assistant supervisor in the patrol division. She understands every aspect of the judicial system and what it takes to prove a case. If you think you need the services of a Private Investigator, we encourage you to contact us today and see how we can assist in your specific situation.

Surveillance Services

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Certified and Ready

Our team is certified and ready to help you with your case.

Discreet and Professional

Our team is discreet and professional in our approach towards your case.

Equipped For Any Job

Our team is equipped and ready for any job or case you may have.

Years of Experience

Our team has years of experience in the investigation space.

Thorough and Responsive

Our team is thorough and responsive to your needs and can help you today.

Caring and Understanding

We know that every situation is unique and can be sensitive in nature.