Health Professions Students

The Pee Dee AHEC Health Professions Student Coordinators work closely with health profession degree programs from universities and colleges in South Carolina. The HPS Coordinators facilitate the placement of students in clinical rotations with preceptors across the state, primarily in rural or underserved areas of the Pee Dee.

This service bridges the gap between the university/college classroom setting and the clinical site experiences. HPS Coordinators help with various health disciplines including, but not limited to, medicine, physician assistant, nursing, physical therapy and pharmacy.

Services provided vary according to the institutions curriculum requirements and goals of each academic program, but usually included the following:
  • Interface with clinical programs at South Carolina academic institutions
  • Identification of preceptors and clinical rotation sites
  • Assistance in locating housing resources
  • Student orientation to the community
  • Networking with the community health agencies
  • Community health projects
  • Clinical site visits
  • Interprofessional Service - Learning Projects

For more information, please contact:

Becca Hamilton, MBA
Phone: 843/777-5341

Kirstie Hogges, M.Ed.
Phone:  843/777-5345