Domestic Investigations


Adultery is one of the most painful and devastating things for a person to believe is happening in their marriage. The embarrassment, fear and betrayal alone can be overwhelming. Although there are many telltale signs of infidelity, the biggest factor is that gut feeling telling you that something is “off” in your relationship. Allow Mrs. Jones Investigations to put an end to the fear and anxiety and get you the truth!   

When you contact Mrs. Jones Investigations, you can expect to be treated with dignity and compassion. Understand, specific questions will need to be asked and answered in order for us to determine if you need a private investigator and how you should move forward with your particular set of circumstances. Prospective clients like you are worried about confidentiality. You have our complete assurance that your case will be completely confidential, including the consultation. We can get answers to your questions. If you are concerned about your partner’s commitment to you and need answers, Mrs. Jones Investigations can help.

Child Custody Investigations

What happens to the child/children during a divorce? Mrs. Jones Investigations can provide guidance and understanding of the battle that can happen during a custody dispute. In some cases, a private investigator is beneficial especially when there is a safety concern for the child/children. We are dedicated to finding the truth. We care about the stability, well-being and life of a child regardless of age. We are here to help prove or disprove if a child is safe and properly cared for with a particular parent or situation. Going through a child custody battle is a very emotional, stressful situation. Hiring a private investigator to monitor the situation can bring the proof necessary for help in Family Court.  All that we do is confidential. Contact us today to begin getting the information you need to at (843) 944-0406.